Spring is Sprung

Welcome Reception party

Despite the chill in the air, we are finally on the right track for spring. I consider the fact that I can see over snowbanks to look for oncoming traffic without having to be IN the road a big deal. Big things have been happening in the city, among them, the Juno Awards. Our summer issue will be filled with a wrap-up of pictures, lists of winning artists, one-on-one interviews and more.

I myself was lucky enough to attend some of the week’s festivities, including the Juno Cup practice, the Welcome Reception party to kick things off at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and I even scored a private, nighttime tour of the museum.

Though our spring issue only just recently hit shelves, we’re hard at work on the content for the summer issue. Big cover stories and interesting editorial within the pages await you. Until next time, chins up, Winnipeg! The “real” spring is almost here.