Passion Party


This article is intended for adult audiences and contains mature content that is sexually explicit in nature and may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised. (Some names have been changed to protect the identity of the individual).

Some couples have treasure chests or drawers full of adult toys, lotions and potions, while others find themselves in a lovemaking rut of same old, same old. Keeping the passion alive in long-term relationships or marriages can be challenging, but adding massage oils, lubricants or even toys to the mix can break up monotony and bring the sexy back.

Vicki Gower, executive director of Vicki’s Secrets, has helped many couples bring the sexy back to their bedrooms and has enriched the sex lives of already adventuresome couples by introducing them to new products.

One of the ways you and your partner — and some of your best buds and their partners — can learn more about sex products and toys is to throw a Passion Party. Gower will come right into your home, set up an attractive display and present the products in a fun and tasteful manner.

“There’s always a guy who likes to joke around,” says Gower. “I’ll approach his partner and ask if it’s OK if I banter back and forth with him. That breaks the ice and takes the pressure off the other men. They do not want the ‘vibrator lady’ looking at them.”

Passion Parties’ products run the gamut from shaving creams and massage oils to high-end toys such as G-spot vibrators and vibrating butt plugs. Gower presents the popular products in front of the group, but all the ordering is done in a private room away from the group.

If you’re just starting to explore sex products, Gower recommends trying what she calls “a gateway product.” That could be a lubricant or the Heart Warming Massager — a heart-shaped hot massager that heats up to 56 degrees Celsius. A hot massage on a cool fall night will score you major points with the lady in your life.

For the more adventuresome couple, there are toys such as the Jester — a ring that goes around the penis and supports the testicles while delivering intense stimulation to the clitoris. If fantasy is your thing, Passion Parties offers an array of handcuffs, floggers, ticklers, restraints, body tape, nipple clamps and costumes.

“When I meet privately with couples, I answer all their questions about the products and I am able to make specific recommendations once I know more about what they like and want,” says Gower. “I often create a little bag of samples and that opens up the door for the couple — and usually there’s no turning back once they try it.”

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