Men`s Style Guide


Must haves, must visits, and must eats

By J.A. Shapira



4 Dress Shoes Every Man Should Own

Black Captoe Oxfords

There is no shoe as quintessential as the black captoe oxford. A regal and elegant dress shoe, it’s simple and dashingly beautiful. This should be the first shoe purchased by any man and it should be a quality one at that. Forget the bargain bin chains that sell rubber soles and cheap leather stitched together in Asia. Instead, head over to Harry Rosen’s at Polo Park and pick up a pair of Allen Edmonds Park Avenue shoes. These are shoes that will last and ones you’ll wear often.


Brown Derby

Slightly less formal than the oxford, the derby is a shoe that belongs in every man’s closet. Able to be worn with everything from jeans to a suit, the brown derby will become one of your most valued pairs of shoes and a staple that goes with just about everything.


Oxblood Cordovan Loafer

The loafer is one of those shoes that young men seem to think only old men wear. Forget that nonsense. It’s a step between the dress shoe and the driver. It’s elegant but fearless. It’s casual and yet sartorially-savvy. It’s the shoe every man needs in his closet for the sports jacket, the blazer and the cardigan.


The Chelsea Boot

Winter can be hell on an oxford. Leather soles will slip and slide. That’s why the most stylish men leave home in the chelsea. It’s a boot that can rock a suit. Pair it with everything from chinos to your three-piece and you’ll be ready to walk into any room with confidence and dry socks in the middle of winter.


5 Bottles Every Man Needs in His Bar

Highland Park 18 Year

One of the best single malts under 25 years, hands down. Every man needs a good bottle of scotch in his bar. Even if you’re not man enough to drink it yourself, chances are a friend or your future father-in-law may need impressing. Keep it in the bar and bring it out for those who deserve it. For those who respect it.


Flor De Cana 12 Year Rum

Forget mixers and leave the cheap swill like Captain Morgan’s for the nightclub. When real men want rum they want something that really stands out. Perfect for cocktails or just to sip, the 12 year by Flor De Cana is the equivalent to any 24 year rum from any of the other brands, yet for half the price. Keep this bottle in the bar and you’ll be sure to impress even the most respected bartenders.


Remy Martin XO Cognac

Another must for the distinguished gentleman. Nothing brings men together like sipping brandy and talking about how they plan to rule the world. When the boss comes for dinner, your in-laws are in town, or you have someone worthy of impressing, bring the XO out of the case and toast to being awesome, because that’s just what you will be.


Hendricks Gin

Everyone drinks gin. It’s a fact. If they don’t, usually it’s because they have no taste. Sure the classic gins are great and you should have them in your bar, but when that girl you’ve been eyeing up attends one of your parties, impress her with Hendricks. It’s infused with roses and cucumber and will definitely win you some brownie points.


Ketel One Vodka

Everyone thinks they know premium vodka. They don’t. That’s why vodka is the most popular spirit for bait and switch techniques by seedy bars. Forget Greygoose. Sure, it’s popular, but so are Big Macs. If you’re looking for a top shelf vodka that will impress any aficionado, Ketel One should be your pick. It’s so good you won’t even need mix.



5 Everyday Carry Accessories Every Man Should Own

Good Quality Pen



Business Card Case

Dress Watch



Top 5 Stores for Men

Harry Rosen

Every man should own at least one good suit. When it comes time to buying one, Harry Rosen offers some of the best selections in Winnipeg. The best part is the price is usually less than their smaller competitors. On top of that, they sell multiple brands and they have a fairly decent selection of casual wear, shoes and accessories. Why do I like them? Because you get the same quality without feeling like you’re overspending for service. This is Winnipeg. If you want bespoke go elsewhere.


Thomas Hinds Tobacconist

Alright, I get it, cigars and pipes aren’t for everyone. But before you judge and say you’ll never smoke, maybe consider them for your friends who do. Or go there because they’re the only place in town that sells barber-quality straight and safety razors. They’re more than just a tobacconist. They’re a premium accessories shop for the most distinguished men in town.


Fenton’s at the Forks

Forget the wine. Head upstairs for the city’s best selection of brandy. The Liquor Mart is great for beer, but when it comes to fine brandies like cognac and armagnac, Fenton’s has some of the rarest and most superlative brandies you’ll ever find in Winnipeg. On top of it, you can pick up a cigar to go with it.


The Haberdashery

Years ago hats were a staple. Men didn’t leave their house without wearing one. Whether it was a fedora, a homburg or a top hat in the 1920s, wearing a hat was a sign of class. That trend is coming back and The Haberdashery in the Exchange District has one of the best selections of classic men’s hats in the city.


Hunter & Gunn – Dru Barrow

Ten dollar haircuts are for 12-year-olds. Real men visit barbers. Dru Barrow at Hunter & Gunn is arguably one of the best. From haircuts in their vintage shop to hot shaves and a selection of products for sale, they even make their own beard oil called Gentleman & Scholars. I have some and it’s bloody fantastic.



4 Best Neighbourhood Bars in Winnipeg

The Grove

Yeah, this place is one of the best. Why? Because it’s probably the only pub in the city that’s busy at 2 .pm. on a Tuesday. The food is awesome, the drinks are incredible. The service? Exemplary. From a huge selection of beers to craft cocktails, there is nothing bad about this place. The best part? A huge part of their business is regulars so you’ll be sure to make a ton of friends and have a new spot to hang out.


The Peasant Cookery

Everyone associates this place with fine French cuisine. Few realize that it’s the bar that first introduced mixology to Manitoba. With some of the best bartenders in the city, weekly buck-a-shuck oysters and a charcuterie platter that is second to none, The Peasant Cookery is an Exchange District hangout that’s quaint and comfortable and perfect for nights on the town.


Albert Street Cocktail Company

Forget the bar, it’s all about the fox. That’s Mike Fox, the man behind the bar and Winnipeg’s top bartender. His cocktails are a work of art, his style is incomparable and the entire bar menu at this crafty-hipster hangout is classically-chic. Perfect for the trendy hipster or the corporate tycoon, you’ll be impressed the moment you step inside.


Segovia Tapas Bar

Small eats, comfortable seats and a bar menu that impresses even me. Segovia’s is arguably the best venue to hit Osborne in years. The food is outstanding, the service is warm and welcoming and it’s a place that is designed for sharing with friends. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll keep coming back. Especially if you live near the village.