Meet me in the bedroom…



This article is intended for adult audiences and contains mature content that is sexually explicit in nature and may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised. (Some names have been changed to protect the identity of the individual).


Boudoir photography is something that’s been escalating in popularity over the last few decades and is now fairly commonly done by everyone from the 18-year-old coed to the 50-year-old soccer mom.

While many women have reservations about taking their clothes off for the camera, others find it to be a liberating experience and one they will not soon  regret.

According to experts, there are three main reasons why women opt to have nude or semi-nude photos taken of them:

1. As a way to remember the body they were proud of before (a) giving birth, or (b) growing older.

2. As a very private and sentimental gift for their partner on a special occasion.

3. They just simply find it sexy and liberating to be naked and want to capture their nudity on film.

The main reasons women don’t do it are:

1. Afraid the pictures will be leaked online or shown to other people.

2. Nervous about being naked (a) on camera, or (b) in front of a stranger (the photographer).

3. They are ashamed of their bodies and uncomfortable being naked and exposed.

Of all the women I’ve interviewed that have (so called) swallowed the bullet, not one has told me they regretted it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and scars, stretch marks or extra skin shouldn’t be viewed as a negative, but as your tiger stripes showcasing where you’ve been in your life and what you’ve gone through or accomplished.

One great example of a woman who conquered her fear is Winnipeger Kate Sinclaire, who owns the adult website Featuring a wide range of local male and female models, Cherrystems is a woman run soft core porn site with a diverse group of personalities, genders, ages (over 18), ethnicities, sexualities, and orientations bringing themselves to the table – in the nude. Initially against pornography, it was Sinclaire who began researching it and fell in love with the art of the nude. Today, she is one of the most popular fully nude models on her site, owned and operated from Winnipeg.

If you aren’t interested in boudoir photography, obviously no one should push you into it. However, if you have even the slightly interest in learning more about it, contact Hush Boudoir or Coco Boudoir in Winnipeg and ask them all of your questions. Boudoir photography has been around for centuries and it’s a proven way to showcase how beautiful you are – even if no one besides you ever sees them. JAS