Getting to Know Paul Rabliauskas


What is your favourite thing about Winnipeg?
We’re gonna start this off with being very cliché, but hands down the very best thing about Winnipeg is the people, from complaining about the city to rallying together to support our local arts scene, Winnipeggers are vocal and very humorous.

What makes you happy?

Cheeseburgers and making people laugh, in that order.

What do you think makes living in Winnipeg different from living anywhere else?

The weather and how much Winnipeggers will fight the elements to come out to events, whether it be music or comedy, there’s always tons of support.

If you could give one piece of advice what would it be?

Always try hard at things, never give up. If you fall try and get back up, never back down and… keep on rockin’ in the free world!

When you just want to get out of the house, where do you go?

The gym then probably the nutrients store. I’m lying. Jeffrey’s restaurant on Henderson Highway is one of my favourite spots. Comedy is good, food is even better. Every Wednesday I’m out at the Cheer in the village for more comedy and whenever I throw down, probably at the Cavern on Osborne.

If someone were new to Winnipeg what would you recommend to them?

Layer up, don’t be shy to buy long johns. People in Winnipeg don’t care, we love long johns.

What is your favourite track to play on the radio right now?

Favourite track right now is “Don’s Kiss” from Acton Bronson. It’s a grimy rap song. When I’m in my car I love to pretend I’m a rapper.

What are some “Random Facts” about you?

I love Neil Diamond. I’ll push you in the mud to meet him, he’s a legend. When I was 19 I saw him live at the old Winnipeg Arena, lots of old people.

Besides working at Streetz, what else do you do?

Before getting into radio I was a stand-up comedian and still am. I’ve got a sold out show at the park coming up along with a live taping for CBC as well. I love making people laugh.

If you were a superhero what would your superpower be?

My co-worker Miss Mellissa and I have joked about this before. I’d become Sober Man and my super power would be to be able to sober drunk people up with a hug, super wicked.

If you could change one think about Winnipeg what would it be?

Wider roads, more burger joints and more of those crosswalks that have the timers, those are pretty cutting edge.

What is a “must read” book that you’d recommend?

I read A Painted House by John Grisham in high school and it was pretty amazing, I imagine it still is.

What’s the secret to having a good life?

Try and have an outlet. I have comedy to unwind, some people roller blade, but always try and relax, going hard can be stressful, you don’t want to have
a breakdown.

Tell us a joke?

Come to my comedy show, I’ll tell you lots.