Get Fenced

By Amanda Thomas

The snow has finally melted and soon the invitations for backyard barbecues will need to be sent out. Now is the time to build that dream fence you’ve been wanting. No matter your style, a fence is a landscaping tool with a job to do – even if that job is simply esthetic. The key is finding a fence that fits your particular style, purpose and budget.

First you have to decide exactly why you want a fence. Pinpointing the purpose will help you determine the ideal size of the openings you require and the height. Often, installing a fence meets many needs simultaneously. While it can embellish your property lines, it can also shade your garden or keep your children and pets safely in your yard. A fence can also help maintain privacy from your neighbors and keep wildlife from wandering onto your property.

After you’ve highlighted your reasons for a fence, determine where you want the access points to be. Having gates and doors added to a fence can drive up the cost so be sure the placement is easily accessed and beneficial to you and your family. If your fence is going right on the line between your and your neighbour’s property, try speaking with them first and see if they’d like to split the cost with you.

Once you’ve determined what it is you’d like to have built there are many companies within the city that will come out, survey your area and provide you with a free quote. Tyler Birch, co-owner of TNT Fenceworks explains the process from start to finish. “A customer can call us and we will come out to their home to quote the job with installation. Then from there we will set a date and take a deposit. We then send out a crew to complete the fence installation. Depending on the size of the yard we can usually complete a chain link fence in less than a day. For wood, vinyl, brick and ornamental iron the job will be completed within a three day time period depending on the size and complexity. The balance of payment is due only once the customer is completely satisfied with our work.”

The size and materials used are the biggest factors when determining a price. Wood, brick, vinyl, iron and chain link are the most common materials used in fence construction and they all have specific benefits. For example, the average lifespan of a treated wood fence is less than the lifespan of a metal fence due to the way natural materials are affected by climate and sun damage. Wood fences have a lifespan of 20-25 years while an iron or metal fence can have a life expectancy of up to 40 years.

Chain link fencing is certainly the most affordable option for a backyard or front yard fence. And while sometimes it is assumed that a chain link lacks privacy, there are many options to solve that issue. There are privacy weaves that attach to the chain link and they come in many different patterns. You can also do a hybrid fence made of both wood and chain link to create the look you want. Chain link is often available in many colours like taupe, green, brown, black, white, or grey.

Before installing your new fence make sure to consider the City of Winnipeg bylaws for all you need to know on fence construction.