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Written by Holly Green, Edited by Jason Penner; BESS, NSCA-CSCS

“I want to lose weight.” When someone says this what I hear is: “I want to lose weight at any cost, by any means and the final outcome just needs to be a smaller number on the scale.” There is no emphasis on health or lifestyle betterment, only a fixation on reducing, minimizing and taking up less space. We need to shake this notion that health is directly associated with a number on the scale or that less is always more.

What if instead someone says: “I am going to run an Adventure Race. I am going to squat my body weight. I am going to run my personal best time.” What do I hear when someone makes a fitness goal instead of a weight loss goal? The message is clear and empowering: “I am going to challenge myself. I am seeking greatness. I am going to find out what I’m capable of.” Your goal doesn’t have to be extreme in order to be monumental.

Socrates said it best: “It is a shame for a man [or woman] to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his [or her] body is capable.” Your body is beautiful; think about all of the great things it does for you and if you don’t love something how can you take care of it? By setting fitness goals instead of weight loss goals you are more likely to meet, exceed and keep your goals; fat loss can just be a pleasant side effect.

Striving to be simply thin is out, an appetite to be fit and strong is in. The rumour that lifting heavy makes you bulky and hours of cardio is the way to go, has been mythbusted and it’s time to set some incredible fitness targets for yourself! Quit living under the rule of a scale, and start living on your own health and fitness terms. Set goals that make you a better person, not just a lighter person!