Come Ride with Us

Photo by Jeff Gill

Snoman Inc. Invites You to Explore the Trails

By Yvonne Rideout, Executive Director, Snoman Inc.
Photo by Jeff Gill

Photo by Jeff Gill

We are approaching that time of year when fresh snow crunches under our feet and we encourage everyone to enjoy the great outdoors.  Snowmobiling occurs when a blanket of snow protects the ground, thereby minimizing its impact on plants and earth and after the snow melts, nature once again flourishes.  Snoman (Snowmobilers of Manitoba) Inc., which was established in 1975 as a not-for-profit organization, promotes healthy living through recreation.  “Our organization and its 52 clubs are responsible for approximately 12,000 kms of snowmobile trails and 152 warm-up shelters on the trail system throughout Manitoba,” says Alan Butler, President.

The organization has a reputation for promoting snowmobile safety by offering online courses and workshops, and also assists with protecting the environment.  Our clubs care about the environment and are active players in sustainability. Snowmobilers embrace ecologically friendly policies from recycling, to the adoption of new technologies. “We encourage outdoor enthusiasts to join us this season and explore an adventure that is unforgettable and can take you throughout Manitoba on well-groomed and safe trails,” commented Butler.

Designated snowmobile trails provide the safest alternative for riders to enjoy snowmobiling, trails that help reduce trespassing on private property, dollars to rural businesses reliant on winter tourism, and an economic benefit of more than 300 million dollars annually to the Province of Manitoba.

The Snopass system, your license to ride the trails, was created to provide a user pay system. It ensures that riders who use the trail system are helping to fund its on-going operational costs by paying into it. It provides Snoman Inc. and its clubs with a more stabilized funding base to help finance the operations and administration associated with snowmobile trail maintenance as well as upkeep of the shelters. The organization encourages everyone who uses the trails to purchase a Snopass. This past season there were over 19,200 snowmobiles registered with a Snopass.

Photo by Leon Bergen

Photo by Leon Bergen

“It’s an exciting time for our industry,” stated Butler.  “We recently announced our specialty license plate which is available at MPI agents throughout the province. We endeavored upon a project to create a children’s story book entitled: A Day on the Trails: Brrrt Shivers Learns Safe Sledding written by Big Daddy Tazz and illustrated by Jon Ljungberg.  As well, in August we launched our Corporate Partnership Program which gives businesses with a vested interest in rural Manitoba the ability to contribute to the designated trail system.” For those interested, the storybook can be purchased at McNally Robinson and it’s just in time for the holiday season. The book was created to promote recreational snowmobiling and educate children on the safety and environmental aspects of the trail system.

By promoting the snowmobile trail system it helps sustain the recreational activity for enjoyment by all.  While it is a seasonal activity, avid snowmobilers are very passionate about it and take pride in the designated trail system in Manitoba.  “We enjoy the excitement of being on the trails, meeting up with old friends and making new ones at the many shelters while engaging in planned events or a casual ride,” said Butler.

From February 20-22, 2015 Snoman will host the annual rally taking place in Powerview, north of Winnipeg, and has a full slate of activities planned. It kicks off with a poker derby, followed by a welcoming reception, rides on Saturday, a Saturday afternoon kids’ workshop (featuring storytelling with the new children’s book), an awards banquet, and concludes with a “farewell breakfast” on Sunday. Snoman hopes that you can join us. For further information please visit

Coming up on April 3-4, 2015 Snoman invites everyone to visit the booth at the Red River Exhibition to see a Sneak Peek of the 2016 sleds. “Show your buddies the tail light they’ll be chasing!”

For more information on the events please visit our website, or listen weekly on CJOB and Power 97 for our weekly broadcasts during the next season on the great recreational activity of snowmobiling.