Winnipeg Women and Winnipeg Men magazines are an effective and affordable media partner for companies and marketers seeking results-driven programs that stimulate sales.

Every issue of Winnipeg Women and Winnipeg Men circulates over 40,000 copies all over the city, with increased circulation for special and holiday issues. In addition, each issue is available online, which means a continuously expanding audience and more opportunities to advertise through banners, video streaming and more. Each issue has 100,000 readers, and statistics show that, for past issues, 93 per cent of them visited an advertiser because of something they saw or read in Winnipeg Women/Men, and 83 per cent of those readers purchased something from that advertiser.

Winnipeg Women and Winnipeg Men promote local businesses to a local audience interested in local products and services from entertaining and dining out, to visiting spas, and to purchasing clothes, accessories and cars.

If you need to let people know who and where you are − you need to advertise in “the guide for living local.”

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