About Us


The guide for living local!

Winnipeg Women and Winnipeg Men are published four times a year by MediaEdge Publishing Inc. They are two magazines with distinct content back to back in one publication.

The magazines and website provide a broad sense of culture similar to other life and style magazines, but with a local focus on Winnipeg that makes them truly unique.

For over ten years Winnipeg Women and Winnipeg Men have been providing current information about where to live, where to shop, where to dine, where to get active, things to do in the city and what’s new and different in Winnipeg.

The magazines cover every aspect of living in Winnipeg; from seasonal stories and practical perspectives like outdoor and indoor fitness activities, cooking, parenting issues, and going green in Winnipeg, to cultural and luxurious experiences like food, entertaining, technology and fashion.

Both magazines feature pieces on local Winnipeggers who are making a difference in the city as well. For example, recent issues of Winnipeg Women and Winnipeg Men have featured articles and interviews with Olympian Clara Hughes, long-time CTV sports anchor Leah Hextall, Paralympian Colin Mathieson, and media personality Ace Burpee.

Winnipeg Women and Winnipeg Men stimulate an interest in all of these areas through engaging editorial, interesting photography and a unique focus on the people, organizations and places that make Winnipeg one great city.

On top of that, every spring issue of Winnipeg Women celebrates the winners of the Winnipeg’s Most Beautiful Women contest and every September issue of Winnipeg Men is the Pursuit issue where you can read about a ride in your dream car.

Winnipeg Women and Winnipeg Men are must-read magazines for anyone wanting to get the most out of living in Winnipeg!